Rogner Bad Blumau

Rogner Bad Blumau

When the outlines of golden domes, colourful columns and façades emerge from the steam of the hot springs and your cares simply melt away, you've arrived in a fairytale world full of water and warmth. Here, in Hundertwasser's dream of a life in harmony with nature come true, there's a favourite spot for everyone. Amid hills and meadows you find an extensive water world with 14 different pools and two thermal springs. Take a dip in the bracing cold water pool, exercise in the new sports pool, or luxuriate in the hot "Vulkania" mineral spring that contains natural brine in bathing temperatures ranging from 21 to 37°C. 

There’s plenty to discover: Tucked-away places under small bridges and trees of life, countless hideaways in and next to the water, grass roofs you can walk on, flowing colonnades, canopies, the room of silence, health and beauty in the spa, not to mention delicious food and drinks served à la carte, at the buffet, in the wine bar, in the "Speis (larder)" shop or the sweet temptations of the "Naschkammer". In short, this is a great holiday destination with a high relaxation factor.

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Thermal Spa Rogner Bad Blumau


Rogner Bad Blumau
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