Guests to the microregion are greeted by gently rolling hills, green valleys, vineyards, birdsong, lakes, rivers and flowing streams. The region's magic lies in the beauty of the virtually unspoiled nature, which beckons visitors to enjoy active relaxation.

Immerse yourself in another world

This route heads away from the city sights of Szombathely and leads you through pretty villages. You pass Erdődy Castle in Vép, Batthyány Castle in Ikervár, the modern wind farm as well as villages and playgrounds before reaching Sárvár. You can soak up the town's fascinating history in the castle, enjoy some well-deserved relaxation or fun in the pools of the modern Spa and Wellness Centre, appreciate nature at its purest in the botanical gardens and parks, or seek sporting challenges in the adventure park.

Length:76 km
Starting point:Szombathely
Altitude difference:120 m
Places along the route:Szombathely- Vép- Kenéz- Pecöl- Ikervár- Sárvár- Sótony- Csempeszkopács- Vasszécseny- Tanakajd
Biking through Szombathely
Biking through Szombathely

Savaria city tour

Roman relics, spas, famous museums, impressive monuments, beautiful churches, the colourful botanical gardens, the picturesque rowing lake, the farm museum, the children's adventure world and the many services that provide comfort and entertainment all combine to make your holiday extra special. It is also worth stopping by at the tourist information office, where the staff can assist you with anything you need.

Length:19 km
Starting point:Main square - Arboretum
Altitude difference:20 m
Sights:Main square – Szombathely art gallery – Iseum Roman temple site – St. Martin's church and visitors' centre – historical theme park – Savaria Museum – Arboretum of Kámon – village museum – Ernuszt Castle – rowing lake – "Adventure Town" – cathedral, bishop's palace – garden of Roman ruins

Explore the Eisenberg by bike

From Szombathely, the route leads west towards Bucsu and continues at Narda in Austria, where you can immerse yourself in our neighbouring country's culture, scenery and gastronomy. The hilly Alpine foothills are characterised by their long tradition of wine growing. Today, you can cross the border in both directions without restrictions, but the former border posts are still standing there deserted as a reminder of the past.

Length:66 km
Starting point:Szombathely
Altitude difference:480 m
Places along the route:Szombathely - Bucsu -Narda - Burg – Hannersdorf – Woppersdorf - Felsőcsatár – Vaskeresztes - Deutsch-Schützen – Pornóapáti
Biking through Szombathely
Biking through Szombathely

Take a ride up hill and down dale

The small thatched wine cellars of the open-air museum in Cák delight visitors with their old-world unique charm. And where there are wine cellars, there also has to be wine. The town of Kőszeg charms visitors with its idyllic beauty, ornate buildings and historical and cultural attractions. After leaving Kőszeg, the route leads through the forest, where you will discover nature at its best on winding and undulating tracks. The route leaves the forest at the village of Velem and takes you through Bozsok – a picturesque village at the foot of the mountains – and on towards Bucsu.

Length:70 km
Starting point:Szombathely
Altitude difference:640 m
Places along the route:Szombathely - Gencsapáti - Gyöngyösfalu - Lukácsháza – Kőszegdoroszló - Cák – Kőszeg - Írottkő - Velem - Kőszegdoroszló - Kőszegszerdahely - Bozsok – Bucsu

Explore castles and churches

The route winds between small villages dating back to ancient times where you can see precious churches, castles and monuments. The church at Ják is a treasure of utmost importance to Hungarian architecture.

The route takes you through small settlements, where you see important buildings such as the fortified castle of Zsennye, St. Michael's church in Csempeszkopács, or the old and new Ebergényi castles in Vasszécseny. The tour gives you a glimpse into rural life. So what are you waiting for? Get on your bike and look around!

Length:62 km
Starting point:Szombathely
Altitude difference:80 m
Places along the route:Szombathely - Ják – Balogunyom – Sorokpolány - Sorkifalud - Gyanógeregye - Zsennye - Rum - Csempeszkopács - Vasszécseny

Saddle up and have a splashing time

In the Holdfény adventure park in Gyöngyösfalu, you will find technical assistance as well as a playground, a buffet serving food and refreshments, a small pond and even a mountain bike track. The healing effects of the local thermal water in the spa resort of Bad Bük are widely known. Visitors can look forward to indoor and outdoor medicinal spas, swimming pools, adventure pools and slides. The village also has hotels, restaurants, camp sites, parks, playgrounds, cycle paths as well as the spectacular KristallTurm high ropes course.

Length:82 km
Starting point:Szombathely
Altitude difference:170 m
Places along the route:Szombathely - Gencsapáti - Gyöngyösfalu - Lukácsháza - Nemescsó - Kőszegpaty - Tömörd - Csepreg - Bük - Acsád - Meszlen