Project Description

The "Cycling without borders/Cycling AT-HU project" means:

A joint cycling destination is being created in the heart of Europe in eastern Styria and southern Burgenland in Austria and the bordering county of Vas in Hungary.

Within the scope of this project, a joint network of cycle routes has been developed. The EuroVelo 9, the Raab Valley cycle route, the southern Burgenland paradise route, a cycle route connecting the EuroVelo 9 to the EuroVelo 13 and 6 cycle routes in Hungary are at the heart of this unique cooperation.

"Genussradeln", or cycling for pleasure, is a comfortable and healthy way to discover the culinary and cultural highlights that this landscape has to offer by bike.

Common criteria for establishments offering catering and accommodation services are being developed specifically for cyclists. A joint cycle map will be available from April 2015. The individual partners are developing their own cycle maps in their regions.

The culinary offerings of all partners range from pumpkin seed oil to paprika. Delicious wines can be found along the entire network of cycle routes. Visitors can also get to know different folk cultures along the way. Styrians, Burgenland "Hianzen" and Croatians as well as Hungarians make this destination an exciting experience. Mountains, castles and museums are happy to welcome cyclists. There are many thermal spas in all countries where cyclists can look forward to relaxing after a strenuous cycling tour.

EuroVelo 9 to EuroVelo 13

The EuroVelo 9 cycle route, which links the Polish Baltic coast with the Croatian Adriatic over 1,930 kilometres, and the EuroVelo 13 route, which runs for 7,650 km linking the Barents Sea with the Black Sea, are both part of the European network of long-distance cycle routes.

The route connecting the EuroVelo 9 (Baltic Coast to Adriatic) to the EuroVelo 13 route (Iron Curtain Trail) covers a distance of roughly 55 km across southern Burgenland.

In neighbouring Styria, the thermal spa cycle route follows the same course as the EuroVelo 9. The former Iron Curtain is the topic of the EuroVelo 13 route. In southern Burgenland and in neighbouring Hungary, there are special highlights to visit in relation to this (Iron Curtain museum in Felsöcsatar and the border discovery route in Bildein).